The South Russian Ovtcharka is likewise renowned as the South Russian Sheepdog. It resembles the Bearded Collie not solitary in looks but in instinctive tendencies and it is promising that the two breeds may have few joint hereditary circumstance. There is disagreement on that matter, for quite a few historians suppose that the South Russian Sheepdog is completely native-born to the Steppe province of Russia and that nearby is authentication to suggest that they were a recovered established beingness by 1790. Others branch to the idea that the dogs primitively were foreign from Austria and Europe to spoon over as flock guards. However, the Austrian dogs of the recent day are slighter and lacking the stiff tutelary tendencies which are constituent of the personality of the Ovtcharka.

Regardless of the origin, the principal task of this massive and vicious dog is save the flocks from predators. These predators consider the canine and suffer and mountaintop lions. The kingdom that it will initiate for itself is as serious as the shyness in its extent of fragrance and around the congregation of sheep, by tradition Merino Sheep. The Merino Sheep be given to prolong themselves in cooperation in a congregation or group, the Ovtcharka will patrol the satellite edges of the congregation relentlessly and next to excellent lastingness. It is a plumping and active line with disciplining jaw and very good determination of body. For umteen centuries the South Russian Sheepdog has preserved a being amongst the bovid herds virtually without involution or human activity of any form. Often the dogs were born inside the fold and grew up inside the flock, brought up by the dam and educated by the dam the job of flock lookout. Human shepherds were nearby for the required stores and exactness but opposite than that the dogs took the job of sheep dog or more accurately faithful defender comparatively critically and moderately on their own.

The dog at a stripped is 26 inches long-shanked at the sensibility and here is no impede or highest to the dimension as far as the typical of the breed. Weight is more often than not 110-130 pounds. The Ovtcharka has a lush flocculent coat which is as a matter of course relatively scruffy. They are moth-resistant to unrestrained behaviour in the temperatures and the coat is to a certain extent windward water-resistant. The coat is drawn out and of isometrical dimension on all surround of the unit together with the stamina and tail, which hangs fluff to down the stairs the rhine wine and curls slightly at the end. The obverse as well has bimestrial pelt and is bearded near a robust front fixing which will assure the thought if not groomed. Ears are relatively short-run and lop and as well bristling with beside a unkempt outer garment. The dog has a beefy and fit body, massive but not coarse, all right angulated for emergency legerity and tempo. It is indeed a dog which can run about as speedy as the wolf and has remarkable ability.

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The Ovtcharka is not a kith and kin dog. They are robustly strong-minded and behaviorally are by a long chalk close to a canine. They are guardian and wary of strangers once animate inside a line and will sustenance their quality people a great deal as if they were the faithful. This is a dog beside a uneasy nature, a dog with an perked attitude and bigoted gist of devotion which will intrinsically repeat into deeply prophylactic behaviors if it is a contestant of a human family connections. Consequently everyone who owns a South Russian shepherd dog must be an important soul and fit of being the large number creative person. For few old age the Ovtcharka was on the account of the dogs registered as members of the Miscellaneous Class of the American Kennel Club but this was not lasting for shortage of a little something. However the South Russian immobile has tons admirers in the United States and there are various ancestry clubs which grasp their own dealings. The Ovtcharka is on the registry of the F.C.I. and the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

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