Let's Say You're Ready

by Turgut Uyar

Let's say you're organized for a trip

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"This could be his seclusion as well" says someone

Let's see, are you hard enough?

What's your weapon?

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First off, asphalt and cement

All of a sudden, you'd be enclosed by water

What's more, you don't even know how to swim

"These are what's left from childhood"

Says person who likes to joke

"He'd be battered anyways"

Whereas to cognize the entitle of everything that I can't comprehend

Is oppressing me a little

A nuclear vigour industrial plant project, let's say

A talk concert in Holland

I cognise that I'm going to die anyways

But it casts my gloominess in facade of me

While the sun is coming from straight ahead

I'm bewildered next to my body

I'm used to humour truly but

I require on the fig tree that drills finished the rock

The cruiser that sails over the waters.

(Translated from Turkish by Uğur Akinci)


An Evening Dream

by Turgut Uyar

Now the ships are fugacious at a distance

My suspicion is sprawling all all over the deck.

Illuminated nights, sounds of tuneful instruments, food and bread.

I've got neither a mark nor any medium of exchange or a person.

My suspicion palpitates as I expression circa me...

- "Wake up Turgut love, my inferior one, event up

This is Terme."

Trucks annoyed the Terme bridge

Farmhands dialogue in groups of iii to five

A night launches, partially black, fractional red

I lit my coffin nail and go posterior quarters...

- "Sail on ships, travel on

Give my regards to wherever you're heading

One day far away from all worries

I'll blend you too."

(Translated from Turkish by Uğur Akinci)


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